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#AskLMG - Youth Leadership for Family Planning & Reproductive Health

Around the world, young people face a variety of obstacles to sexual and reproductive health services. For International #YouthDay, we wanted to answer questions and highlight how strong youth leaders can improve family planning and reproductive health in their communities!


  1. Ahead of August 12th, International #YouthDay 2015, the Leadership, Management, and Governance Project launched the #AskLMG Twitter Q&A Series by answering questions about youth leadership for family planning and reproductive health:
  2. But, in 2015, what is the state of youth and adolescent sexual and reproductive health?
  3. With that background set, LMG Project expert Sarah Lindsay (@shlindsa) began answering the Twitterverse's questions:
  4. Another #YouthLead for #FP & #ReproHealth expert joined in -- Kokou Djagadou (@huguofr), from LMG Project partner IPPF in Nairobi (@IPPFAR) -- as the conversation honed in on youth leadership: