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Samsung UN75ES9000 75 inch LED LCD HDTV

Samsung is announcing it’s new giant S9000 Series HDTV. One of the big players in HDTVs is becoming even bigger very soon!


  1. To Learn More About The Samsung UN75ES9000 75 inch LED LCD HDTV, visit Samsung's website
  2. One of the leading manufacturers of cutting edge HDTVs is introducing it's largest LED-LCD yet.  Samsung has announced plans for a new 75 inch LED-LCD HDTV that will include many of the latest and most advanced features of any HDTV to date.  Regardless of the feature that you want in your new flat panel TV, chances are very good that Samsung has included it in the UN75ES9000 75" LED-LCD HDTV.  According to, here is just some of what you can expect to find in this monster of a TV:

    "Joining the giant HDTV class is Samsung with it’s 75 inch UN75ES9000 LED LCD TV. What’s so great about Samsung’s new entry into the over 70 inch category with LED backlighting is the amount of technological sophistication they bring as well. What am I talking about? What does Samsung have over Sony, Panasonic and rest?

    Built in Cameras, and microphones. Integration with Skype, face recognition, gesture control, voice control, bluetooth, streaming Netflix, that, believe it or not, other manufacturers don’t feel the need to include. And Samsung is, right now, sending out the development kit to all this technology to any and all app makers so they can fully integrate gesture, voice, and face recognition into any app that can be used with the UN75ES9000."

  3. Samsung bows its largest, best LED TV yet
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