All You Need to Know About the Specifc Plan Amendment Study

The Specific Plan Amendment Study (SPAS) identifies and evaluates potential alternatives to the projects which were previously analyzed as part of the LAX Master Plan Program. These projects required further evaluation prior to implementation.


  1. LAX airport Los Angeles, CA
    LAX airport Los Angeles, CA
  2. Where it all started:
    In 2004, the City of Los Angeles approved the LAX Master Plan and related entitlements for the future development of LAX. The LAX Master Plan provides the first major new facilities for, and improvements to, the airport since 1984, and plans to accommodate projected growth in passengers and cargo at LAX through the year 2015. A number of lawsuits were filed challenging these actions. Pursuant to the settlement of those lawsuits in February 2006, and in accordance with the LAX Specific Plan, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) initiated the current Specific Plan Amendment Study which, among other things, will identify and evaluate potential alternatives to the so-called “Yellow Light Projects” – projects that were previously analyzed as part of the LAX Master Plan Program and identified as requiring further evaluation prior to implementation.

    Read more about the details of SPAS:

  3. Follow the link below for a summary and visual of SPAS alternatives 1-9:
  4. In July 2012, the SPAS Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was released.
  5. And shortly followed by a round of community meetings to allow for public input on SPAS.
  6. In December 2012, the LAWA Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC), was presented with an update on the SPAS process, a summary of the public meetings regarding SPAS along with the Staff Recommended Alternative.
  7. Read the media coverage of the LAX SPAS Staff Recommended Alternative.
  8. And after the New Year, BOAC held a special meeting to hear from the public on items related to the LAX SPAS.
  9. View the LAWA BOAC meeting at the link below:
  10. After approval from the BOAC, the City of Los Angeles Planning Commission (LACPC) reviewed the LAX SPAS environmental reports and Staff Recommended Alternative to decide whether to recommend that the study move forward to City Council decision-makers.
  11. The decision by the LACPC was to recommend approval of the SPAS amendments and Final Environmental Impact Report.