Live-tweet of Draft FY2016 CPRA Annual Plan public meeting | Houma, La. | Feb. 10, 2015

Below is a live-tweet of the public meeting held in Houma, La., Wed., Feb. 10, 2015, to discuss and hear comments about the Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority's draft fiscal year 2016 Annual Plan.


  1. In the news:

  2. Public comments:
  3. “If you are in this room, it is because you care.”
  4. “I’d like to thank CPRA for this open process & forallowing public comment & also thank CPRA for always being open &available, talk, listen, address needs of NGOs, parish governments,stakeholders […] We appreciate the consistency of the plans through the years,we believe this will lead to the best coastal restoration possible.”
  5. “We all have an environmental conscience.”
  6. “We have a tendency to be very vocal in Terrabone & rightfully so […] We count for a fifth of the total land loss in Louisiana soit is understandable for us to be passionate and vocal. We want to commend CPRAon over half a billion dollars in construction. We understand that certainlevels of engineering & design have to take place. We understand theimportance of things being expertly designed & that they will not fail. Allthat good stuff being said, we would like to present a few things to moveforward in the next few years. We understand the importance of marsh creation.We know that living on the coast, we greatly depend on our estuaries so wealways put marsh creation in the forefront of our priorities […] We’ve alwayssaid our barrier islands are our first line of defense, which is rightly said.They are dwindling. If we are running out of things to do in Barataria, now itis time to move to Terrabone. We look forward to working with you all with theprojects that are important to our people.”

  7. Live-tweet: