Michael Leach. Making it in Radio

Michael Leach comes in and talks to the Radio Broadcast class in Radio Humber.


  1. The Second Years had the pleasure of having 680 Morning Technical Producer, Michael Leach. Right from the start, he amazed the class with his life-helping words of wisdom of how to maneuver our way through the radio industry.
  2. The first point that Michael made was about how you had to make sacrifices in this industry, may it be family, friends or other reasons. If you wanted to move up you had to sacrifice your time. "If you do not love the radio industry, finding another one might be better." Michael had to struggle for over five years until he was able to make a living wage in radio. Showcasing that in radio, especially the early days, the class will struggle and it's completely normal. But the other point was we had to be flexible.
  3. Micheal soon talked about his parts in building soccer in 680 News. Even though he was the morning show host, he would be the lead reporter for Toronto's soccer team, TFC. He talked about how he started to adapt to the change of working mornings and nights and how he's managed the change. He didn't say no and he didn't give it to someone else. He worked hard and long at it and soon enough, it got easier for him.
  4. Michael talks about being in a news station and being in the ever-evolving interest in fake news. Michael talked what should be done if a mistake like sharing fake news. "If you make a mistake, own it" meaning do not hide that you made the mistake and understand that it is a mistake. You need to keep trust with your employers and the people you broadcast to.
  5. For the final pointer, the class asked him what was the benefits and draws working straight into a big market like Toronto. The benefits? He said that he was able to work faster on the clock because of the heavy workload. The draw? He wasn't able to experience other parts of the radio station like he would in a smaller market.
  6. Michael said it was an honour to talk to the radio broadcasting class, but it was very obvious in everyone's eyes that it was an honour to have him talk to us.