#TheGathering conceived by Camille A. Brown

Facilitated by independent consultant Baraka Sele, #TheGathering was an unforgettable opportunity to move forward an on-going conversation about Black Female (identifying) choreographers in the landscape of modern contemporary dance. Check out questions, quotes, reflections and more!


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  3. Ada Overton Walker Pearl Primus, Zora Neale Hurston, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar Rosa Rosangela Silvestre
  4. Josephine Baker, Sidra Bell, Stefanie Batten Bland, Mabel Robinson, Debbie Allen
  5. Marlisse Marlies Yearby Christal Brown Ashley Suttlar Martin
  6. Francesca Harper, Cleo Parker Robinson, Edisa Weeks.
  7. Pearl Premius Katherine Dunham, Camille A. Brown, Joan Myers Brown, Judith Jamison,Cleo Parker Robinson, Hope Boykin, Jeri Sterrett, Deborah White Hunt, umh me:) Ha!
  8. Fatima Robinson, Jae Blaze Maria Torres Laurie Ann Gibson Danielle polanco Makeda Thomas
  9. Pat Taylor Adrienne Hurd Chloe and Maud Arnold
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  11. Working together in new and uncommon ways? Your platform positively proposes such action. Makeda Thomas' institute is a good new example. We can write about each others work, we can recommend each other for projects, develop an international journal, create an annual awards event even? Reconsider definitions and categorization of work...
  12. YES Sheron Wray! Will you be in attendance on Sunday? Shout out to Makeda Thomas Dance and Performance Institute!
  13. Yes, I am participating on Sunday and received the email about your Facebook conversation - great idea to get things moving. Looking forward to meeting you!
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