#CABchat co-hosted by Daniel José Older

Choreographer Camille A. Brown joins writer/educator/composer Daniel José Older along with a few additional guests to discuss old & new work. Check out her Bessie nominated work Mr. TOL E. RAncE at Lincoln Center Out of Doors THIS SATURDAY, August 2nd with Stew & The Negro Problem.


  1. Q1 (from Daniel José Older): Mr. Tol E. RAncE is Camille A. Brown's new ballet, it draws inspiration from Spike Lee's Bamboozled and Dave Chappelle as well as numerous historical texts. Can you talk about how a piece goes from research to inspiration to dance?

  2. Q2 (from Daniel José Older): You wrote - "the question of whether an artist can actually live without the mask is still present" - is that what you mean by tolerance here? Can you talk more about that mask?

  3. Q3 (from Daniel José Older): In the dance world, how does that play out? Choreographers, funders, audience members? What powers are at play?