#CABchat co-hosted by Christine Jowers of The Dance Enthusiast

Choreographer Camille A. Brown joins Founding Editor of The Dance Enthusiast, Christine Jowers, along with a few additional guests to discuss representation of Black women in the media, especially dance artists.


  1. Q1 (from @DancEnthusaist):

    We are here to tack about Black women in the media. As a Black dancer, how have you been portrayed? Or not portrayed?

  2. Q2 (from @DancEnthusaist):

    So is it troubling that your skin color matter more than your creativity? Is that unrecognized?

  3. Q3 (from @DancEnthusiast):

    Is your latest project, #BlackGirl, addressing opening these narrow windows that define Black artists? If so, how?

  4. Q4 (from @KwanzaaKid):

    Do you think a similar narrow perspective based only on stereotypes manifests in broader media too?

  5. Q5 (from @DancEnthusiast):

    About "Mr. TOL E. RAncE", do you feel it opened up a conversation? Opened up change? Audience reactions? Press?

  6. Q6 (from @ProJones22):

    How do stereotypes affect how Black women's work is valued and reviewed?