#CABchat meets Jacob's Pillow's #talkdance - Social Dances: Jazz to Hip-Hop

Incredible work happened in the Jacob's Pillow studios with the Social Dances: Jazz to Hip-Hop Program, led by Program Directors Camille A. Brown and E. Moncell Durden and esteemed Artist Faculty like Francine E. Ott and Adesola Osakalumi. The Social Dances Program was a rare opportunity to explore African American social dances, from authentic jazz to hip-hop, and learn the aesthetic values and political histories embedded in the forms. This conversation offered an opportunity to hear from the influential faculty.


  1. Q1: Why is it important that this generation of artists understand and embody the influence of these forms?

  2. Q2: What have been some revelatory or surprising moments during the program thus far?