History of critical/radical/progressive librarianship #critlib chat-- October 11th, 2016

Below you will find tweets from the history of critical/radical/progressive librarianship #critlib chat, which was moderated by @violetbfox and @ClaireB_LIS. Feel free to reach out to me-- @KristynMC-- with comments or feedback! Enjoy!


  1. First, some build up to the chat!
  2. Onto the chat and a sample of participant introductions!
  3. Question 1: What are the similarities or differences in current approaches to bringing social justince into libraries versus previous efforts? #critlib
  4. Question 2: How is the work of previous critical librarians evident in lib practices today? Is it more evident in some areas of practice? Question 2 only elicited a few responses. Perhaps people were still thinking about question 1?