Electric Vs. Traditional


  1. For many people, they always see all around how these electric toothbrushes and flosses are better than the actual traditional ones, and even some the other way. But many people don’t really know what to think, and often, they’re led to believe that some are better than others, when ultimately it is not the case. This article will go over why Eugene dentisT might recommend one or the other, and the pros and cons of each.
  2. For electric toothbrushes, often these are the ones that are more fun to use, and they are good for those that don’t want to brush twice a day, for it creates and enthusiasm, and often, they can be more effective. It can also be a time saver and can do a deeper cleaning job since you can get a lot more strokes per minute. It means that it takes less time to clean your teeth, but you should make sure that you still go over each tooth in a thorough manner. If you don’t have the dexterity or grip for a toothbrush, it is also a great option since it does it all for you. However, the cons are mostly that they can cost a bit, and the high-quality ones cost quite a lot. You also need to change the heads a lot too, which is extra money. The biggest problem is the space though, because let’s face it, those things can be huge and with a charging dock attached, it could affect travel considerations.
  3. Then there are manual toothbrushes. This is usually the best way to get control over your teeth, and you can decide how hard and how fast you want to go over the area, giving you a more comfortable cleaning experience. They’re also a more cost-effective option, costing less than 10 bucks. They don’t take a ton of space either, which makes them ideal for travel. You also don’t need to bring extra batteries or a charging dock, which means they are simple to use with just the movement of your hand. However, the biggest con is that you need to have the best brushing technique that you can in order to clean your teeth. If you don’t properly brush, you can miss a spot, and often, it can be hard to really have the dexterity to clean your entire mouth. Plus, if you have conditions such as arthritis, it can make using a toothbrush that more difficult.

    Also, keep in mind that it is a lot harder for children to really get into using, so if you’re going manual, get one with cartoon characters on them to help make it easier.
  4. There are also electric flossers as well, called water flossers. These are good for those who don’t want to floss. Essentially, it can shoot a stream of water between teeth, which removes the particles. It’s good to have if you don’t want to clean in between your teeth, and it helps with those that don’t have dexterity. However, they’re nowhere near as effective, and often, they can cost almost 100 dollars, and there is also equipment that you might need. They’re still relatively new.
  5. A traditional floss gets right in between the crevices and gives you the best cleaning possible. It’s what everyone typically uses for a reason, and often it’s the most effective tool on the market, both in terms of how to use it, and the cost of it as well. You can even get custom ones. However, the biggest issue is that sometimes it does require a bit of dexterity, however there are also various tools you can get that can help with it, such as those floss picks that get in between the teeth.
  6. Having these options at your disposal is important, and if you feel like you’re not too sure which one is best for you, consult your teeth whitening dentist in order to get the best information for yourself. You need to ensure that you do have the right equipment for this, and this article gave you the options that you can choose from, what’s great about them, and what’s not so great so you have more freedom too.