Election Day across the suburbs

Across the Northwest suburbs, candidates and voters were casting their ballots. Here's a small glimpse of what happened on Election Day 2012, including national results.

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  1. Though we have some highly contested races here in Illinois, we aren't the only ones going to the polls today. People all over the country are voting for the issues and candidates they are passionate about. Take a look:
  2. Just in case you're still undecided or unsure of what the issues are at the local level, here's what our Editorial Board had to say:
  3. It looks like people everywhere are having polling problems.

  4. Let the presidential memes begin:

  5. Voting for my Dad for President was an emotional experience this am
  6. Which path to the White House do you think your candidate will take? It's a close race and there are 512 ways to get there, apparently.

  7. Just in case your polling place has changed and you missed it:

  8. Even celebrities are out in force voting — from Katie Couric to Mariah Carey to Dave Grohl and David Boreanaz.