Salvia divinorum a brief look

A brief overview of Salvia effects via short story, and a brief understanding of Salvia divinorum


  1. Learn About Salvia

    Salvia divinourm is a powerful hallucinogen that is safe, legal, and completely natural. Salvia use is woven into indigenous Central American culture. Shamans have passed knowledge of the entheogen from generation to generation as a vital tool for healing and spiritual discovery.

    The psychedelic effects of salvia range from mild to intense. Through careful use of a quality extract, you will find the experience that is right for you.

    Salvia and Herbal Incense are legal in most countries and US states!
  2. What you should know about Salvia Divinorum

    Salvia divinorum is quickly becoming the most popular legal herb on the market. If you've heard about it, you're probably wondering what it is and want to know more. The words "Salvia divinorum" mean "the diviner's sage", reflecting salvia's traditional usage as a means of spiritual development, astral projection and healing. To Mazatec shamans, Salvia divinorum is a sacred herb that takes a central place in their rituals. Shamans are experts in navigating the spiritual realm, and their respect for salvia indicates it's power as a potent spiritual tool. Today, salvia has spread to recreational users around the world. It is valued for the unique psychedelic experience it offers.

    What is Salvia Divinorum?

    Today, many people know of Salvia divinorum as a popular legal hallucinogen. Awareness of salvia has risen with the Internet, but it was first introduced to mainstream culture in the mid-1900's. While the small leafy herb is now finding well-deserved popularity in Western minds, it has long been a part of indigenous Central American culture. Ethnobotanists and anthropologists discovered the plant in the Sierra Mazateca mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, in the course of research into psilocybin mushrooms. After decades of work with the Mazatec people, the gift of a live Salvia divinorum plant made it's way back to the United States, and from there, the plant has spread across the globe.

    Salvia has a long history, but the most popular methods of use are relatively modern. Traditionally, salvia has been consumed orally, either through chewing or infusions. Users began smoking Salvia in the late 20th century, which lead to today's form of consumption: salvia extracts. Oral use of salvia has the drawbacks of relying on fresh leaves and providing a milder experience. Smoking is advantageous because the effects are stronger and dried plant material can be used. The problem with smoking salvia leaves is that the smoke is very harsh and the amount of active ingredients in the dried leaves varies drastically. Salvia extracts solve these problems by taking the active ingredient, Salvinorin A, from salvia leaves and producing a product with a standardized potency and cleaner smoke. Experienced and novice salvia users alike prefer smoking extract, because once they learn the correct dosage for their needs, they can rely on the extract to deliver the experience they're after.

    Salvia divinorum's interaction with the brain's neurotransmitters is unlike the phsyiolgical effects of any other hallucinogen, creating a psychedelic experience that is highly unique. The effects of smoking salvia extract are generally classified on a scale from subtle to visionary to amnesic. Light use creates subtle effects such as mood enhancement, clarified perception, relaxation and increased sensuality. Users progressing beyond this point experience a deeper distortion of the senses, leading to auditory and visual hallucination, strange bodily sensations and uncontrollable laughter. Before reaching the most intense effects, salvia users experience contact with foreign beings, identification with external objects and deep spiritual insight. This is the last stage of the salvia experience scale that anyone can report on, because effects beyond this point of intensity lead to total amnesia regarding the trip.

    The acute effects of Salvia divinorum rarely last longer than ten minutes, but the residual effects of calmness and heightened sense can last for hours, and the insight and change in perspective brought about during the trip can last for a lifetime. The salvia trip is a healing experience, and the salvia herb is a safe, natural teacher.
  3. Salvia Effects - A short brief

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    I never knew you could trip so hard, so fast. Immediately after I took in that first breath of fresh air, the wall across from me seemed to get farther away. My whole room was expanding. Within moments there were oceans of space between my body and the walls. The weird thing is, when I extended my arm, I could touch everything, no matter how far away. With every turn of my head I experienced each sensation as universe in itself. My vision and motion occurred in what you might call slow motion, but it wasn't really slow motion, I was perceiving the significance and life of every tiny fragment of the never ending continum of energy and life. I started sweating and my heart was pumping, but I started to relax by remembering that I was on a salvia trip.

    I laid down on my bed to get comfortable and enjoy the ride. This is when the effects of the salvia extract really launched to another level. There was a feeling of pressure on each of my chakras as energy coursed in rapid cycles through the centers of my chest, throat and forehead and then out, around and back into my solar plexus. My body was turning in on itself, searching for a gateway through the barrier of physical being. My conscious thought stopped for a brief second and I shot into the astral plane like a bullet through the atmosphere. The feeling of moving forward with incredible momentum was as pleasurable and comfortable as it was exhilirating. I was flying forward through space, waiting to land or inevitably collide with some threatening force, but instead I turned into a cosmic wind, blowing through the universe in perfect harmony.

    Existing as the wind felt like the most normal thing ever. I had no questions about my nature or my purpose. Uncontrollable laughter flowed through me like a river. Anyone who saw me would've thought I was crazy, lying in bed, laughing so hard that I was crying, for no apparent reason at all. With every surge of smiles my head exploded into flower petals or beams of light or flowing spheres. I couldn't believe that other people weren't just wind. It seemed so simple and obvious. I could see everyone walking on earth, carrying the heavy burden of ego, refusing to just let go and become a part of the universe. The bursts of laughter began to subside and were replaced by a strong syrupy compassion for all of the darkness in the human soul. There was a tinge of sadness, but it was tempered by the certainty of hope.

    I floated over the surface of the earth as a warm wind of comfort for the human beings still struggling with the labors of ego. I lent my spirit to each person I touched, offering them guidance and love. The wind I had become travelled over water and stone and then rushed through thousands of leaves of a great tree, creating a shower of vibration. A leaf shook free from the tree and I became it, travelling through the currents of air towards the earth. I touched the ground and became the grass, absorbing the energy of the sun and giving life to the entire ecosystem. I stayed there as a single green blade of grass, feeling the warmth of the sun and filled with gratitude for the communion with all of nature. Through the vibration of the earth I felt footsteps coming towards me and I heard a voice I have known from the beginning of the universe telling me that the world needs me and it is time. I carried all of the experience into my heart and said "yes", and got up from my bed. I looked through my window and the stars and spent a moment remebering our communion.

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