Learning Portfolio- Emerging From The Digital Storm

Over the last eight weeks I have been exposed to so many new things had had numerous feelings of failure and success. This course has been like no other class I have taken so far. I have developed a newfound appreciation for digital storytelling and hope to spread my knowledge to all my students.

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  1. This pretty much sums up how I was feeling the first week of class!
  2. How and why is it important to tell stories?
    When I first started this course story telling to me was simply a compilation of events that told how or why something happens. Through the various readings, projects, and peer interactions embedded in this course I now see that storytelling has undergone a remix of it's own, and has shifted immensely over the last decade. We are no longer just telling stories we are telling our own stories! This shift has been so exciting to explore and see all the amazing things going on in the digital world today. As an educator I hope to prepare my students to participate and function in this highly demanding world that moves more and more into the digital realm every day.
  3. Digital storytelling is so important to help today's adults and youth find themselves in an increasingly technology driven era. Social practice and individual voice are so rooted in online resources such as facebook, twitter, instigram etc.. that skills in these areas are necessary in order to stay current and to some extend develop identity for today' youth. One of my biggest takeaway from this course was in relation to the following class reading. I loved this application to my course theme of growing up. This chapter really made me reflect on how my students are growing up and what that really looks like for them. Social media and digital stories are such a huge part of their social development and culture I need to get on boar! Here is what I had to say about Chapter 4 New Literacies and social practices on digital remixing.
  4. Being new to the course and classmates it was nice to get support from peers!
  5. Story telling is so important because it is an extremely diverse way in which people can express themselves. This was a big takeaway for me from chapter 8 Looking from the inside out: Academic Blogging as a New Literacy. I love the idea that my students can get their thoughts and ideas out there in the world and collaborate with others passionate about the same topic in order to reach goals. I also found the portion about development of blogger identity to very interesting and applicable to my theme of growing up. A big part of the social practice around growing up and discovering yourself through digital stories if your blogger identity and what your writing and message says about you! Check out what I had to say about this reading as well as some of my classmates comments!
  6. I also believe that as an educator our learning is never finished. As such Henry Jenkins chapter titled communities of readers clusters of practices really spoke to this belief. To me this chapter really summed up why this course is so important. I need to continue to grow and develop these skills in order to be current with my kids and help them grow.
  7. A look back into my DS106 Assignment bank!
  8. Of all the portions of this course I found the assignment bank assignments to be the most challenging and rewarding. I honestly had little to no skills in using software to manipulate sound, pictures, or video. I spend tons of hours frustrated and grumpy that I could not make things work. The feeling of success in the end was worth it though! and as the course went on there was less and less frustration. Here is my first ever experimentation with editing pictures!
  9. Continuing with my exploration I got to play with some sound editing and relate this song to my youth. I really enjoyed my focal theme of growing up. I got to take it in so many different directions and really explore a lot of different facets of my life on my blog.