Choosing names for Pluto's new moons

The newly discovered moons of Pluto, known provisionally as P4 and P5 have been put to a debate from which the SETI institue will choose two names from a list of 12 possible candidates


  1. Pluto, the smallest planet in our Solar system was discovered in 1930. In 2006 it underwent an overhaul and became a dwarf planet due to its size being only double than that of its biggest satellite Charon. From 2011 onwards two more moons have been added to the threesome formed by Charom, Nix and Hydra. Now the SETI institute is looking for some help from people to name the new celestial bodies.
  2. Conditions to name the moons:
  3. Vote To Name Two of Pluto's Moons
  4. The candidates so far:
  5. Some thoughts about the contest:
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  7. Even the news agencies are backing up the competition.
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