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17th May in Georgia... International day against Homophobia or International day of Homophobia?

I'm writing about 17th May in Georgia, it's really hard to write about it, but... #IDAHO #nohatespeech #nohatecrime #solidarity #LGBTrights #Georgia #Tbilisi


  1. First of all before I start writing about IDAHO in Georgia, I would like to remember one day from April, when I was attending #tcbloggers in European Youth Center Budapest, Hungary. We had to write 4 sentence on the paper and from this sentences 1 was false and 3 - correct. One of my correct sentence was - "I am proud of my citizenship" and I was proud of my citizenship, but right now I am ashamed to say that I was proud of my citizenship.

    And now I would like to think about 17th May in Georgia analyse it and write everything here. Also I decided to put there Videos, pictures, links and tweets about IDAHO in Georgia.

    Firstly I would like to start from 2006 when orthodoxy become the most important religion in Georgia (not state religion) and started having really big influence on Georgian people. So if someone from church calls people to go outside, for example protest against minorities, people will do it, if church says to kill someone, people will kill, because it is more than influence, today in Georgia religion is idol, idol and nothing else...

    I remember interview to the women...
    Question: What do you think about IDAHO campaign in Georgia, should be it banned or not?
    and she answered: I think that LGBT people are people and they have right to express and fight for their rights, but if patriarch wants it to be banned I agree with patriarch because. It should be banned!
  2. So as religion has really big influence on people, priests started demonstration in 16th of May evening, near the old building of parliament, of course there was fanatic people too. So they were shouting that they were praying for LGBT people, also they were shouting that LGBT people need treatment and pray for recovery. 

    Demonstration was planned in 17th of May at 1 pm, and LGBT activists told to the city hall that they need only 20 minutes for silence action, behind the old building of Parliament, but because of the people they decided to change place and moved to the nearest square from the Parliament building.
  3. In spite of the numerous police officers keeping watch, many of the Orthodox demonstrators rushed barriers to chase away the somewhat small group of LGBT activists. Unfortunately as media says Police in the Georgian capital Tbilisi failed to protect LGBT activists as thousands of people violently attacked a Pride event.  As you can see on the picture police officers have made cordons, but they were without shields and batons, so because of this violence resulted in 29 people being injured – 12 of whom were hospitalized, including three policemen and a journalist. 
  4. Priest with a chair in his hand...(( 
  5. City center near Pushkini square... As media says in this mini bus are LGBT activists... :(((
  6. City center near Pushkini square... As media says in this mini bus are LGBT activists... :(((
  7. People are going to the main church of Tbilisi after violation, hate speech, hate crime, homophobia and ........
  8. Below you can see videos about #IDAHO in Georgia
  9. The priest that using swear words against LGBT people and is really really aggressive.
  10. გაბრაზებული სასულიერო პირი
  11. Reality in Georgia...
  12. Любовь грузинской церкви представляет 2
  13. Also I would like to thank to the online activists from all over the Europe who were supporting me and Georgia about this incident... Thanks a lot #TCBLOGGERS for solidarity!!! Below are some tweets from activists' twitter accounts. I am really sorry that I didn't manage to find all tweets, thanks one more time :)))