Gretchen Hammond Transcends As Transgender Journalist

An In-Depth Look at the LGBT Activist and Windy City Media Writer


  1. Gretchen Rachel Hammond is an outspoken and impactful journalist with the Windy City Media Group in Chicago.

  2. Hammond is most recently known for her work as the lead journalist regarding the highly publicized arrest and trial of a transgender woman by the name of Eisha Love, "a story very near and dear to her own heart."

  3. Gretchen, a native of Manchester, England has been writing since 1988, when she arrived here in the U.S., in New Albany, Indiana to study as exchange student. An excellent asset to the Windy City Media Group, her dedication to her job is clearly apparent in all that she does.

  4. Windy City Times: Rahm Emanuel interview 1-26-2015
  5. "I don't really remember choosing to be a journalist, I just wanted to write."

  6. Before her work within the Windy City Media Group, Hammond aided the Golden Apple Foundation in Central Illinois, as an executive director of development. Her career spans back also to the studios of Fox and CBS, from where her broadcasting experience stems.

  7. When asked what advice she would give a young journalist, she quickly responded, "Listen. Always listen. Always pay attention, Make connections within the field and it will take you further than you think."

  8. Further on, she says, "I don't consider what I do a job. This is a passion and I love it. I don't know what else I would do."

  9. She leaves on the note to, "Find your niche. Be sure and find what you love and you go out and do it."