A Quick Look at Kershaw's Impressive New Knockout of a Folding Knife

Instead, what buyers receive is a fully featured folding knife that betrays nothing in the way of compromise.

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  1. With the proliferation of affordable, well-made folders on the market today, finding a knife for everyday carry is easier than ever. One of the leading names in this relatively recent movement is Kershaw, a longtime manufacturer that has upheld its impressive quality standards while taking advantage of opportunities for cost-cutting. Although the company has plenty of competition, it regularly introduces new models that reset the bar in its favor, being thoroughly committed to producing affordable knives that are not cheaply made.

    The launch of the Laser Strike Knife by ESEE was one such event. With a price tag that puts it well below the kinds of boutique knives that it aims at surpassing, the Knockout is undoubtedly an ambitious little knife. With a blade length that makes it legal for carrying in every state of the Union, it is meant to be a constant companion, and it is built to live up to those duties, too.

    As one kershaw knockout review at  http://www.knifeworksblog.com/kershaw-knockout-review  points out, it has formerly been fairly difficult to find this combination of traits at such a reasonable price. With Kershaw committed to expanding the market even further, that Knifeworks reviewer points out, it might be expected that it would take shortcuts here and there.

    Instead, what buyers receive is a fully featured folding knife that betrays nothing in the way of compromise. The company's vaunted SpeedSafe assisted opening system is here in full force, of course, making it especially easy for owners to flick the blade into place at a moment's notice.

    A high-grade steel alloy is used for the blade itself, too, boasting an excellent combination of edge retention and ease of sharpening. That makes it especially appropriate for the rough kinds of work that such everyday blades are often deployed for. Not only will the knife cut well to begin with, restoring its edge will be relatively easy and simple, given the accessibility and compliance of the steel that is used.

    With its new offering, then, Kershaw makes yet another positive impression on the market. Given that it is so difficult to find fault with the Knockout, some shoppers might find themselves wondering what the point of climbing higher on the price ladder would be. While Kershaw itself tries to answer this question with some high-end knives of its own that certainly seem attractive, new products like the Knockout increasingly lend these replies an air of gratuitousness.