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  1. Download The Bourne Legacy Movie : Jeremy Renner does not attending like a cine star. He has assertive hair, a adenoids that looks like it ability accept taken a punch, and the concrete address of anyone who doesn't anticipate he needs a bodyguard. He doesn't anticipate like a cine star, either. On an aboriginal weekday recently, accepting already done "CBS This Morning" and appointed to face the babbling Charlie Rose that aforementioned afternoon, Renner seemed puzzled by the backroom of the account process.

    "I don't like to cut humans off," he said, over coffee at a Manhattan hotel. "I had this guy this morning who was actual anxious and abreast and kept talking, as if maybe he was cat-and-mouse for me to say something. I'm not abiding if he capital me to jump in or not. I like to let anyone accomplishment his thought. So I don't know."

    Download The Bourne Legacy Movie Free : He'll apparently accept to get over it: "The Bourne Legacy" -- which stars Renner, not as Jason Bourne but as addition abettor absolutely -- is traveling to be Renner's movie-star movie. Even admitting the amateur has appeared in some of the better films of the endure year or so -- including "The Avengers" and "Thor" (as Hawkeye) and alongside Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol" -- the avant-garde "Bourne Legacy," aperture Aug. 10, is all about Renner.

    Download Bourne Legacy Movie : "I assumption I'm the face, or one of the faces, of the authorization now," the amateur said, "and not in a part of a big ensemble. But I don't attending at it that way. I just attending at it as a abundant role and a abundant opportunity. Whether it's 10 canicule on a cine or 100 days, it doesn't amount to me. It's the aforementioned preparation, the aforementioned work."

    According to administrator Tony Gilroy ("Michael Clayton," "Duplicity"), "The Bourne Legacy" is clashing annihilation approved before. Rather than afterward the agenda of "The Bourne Ultimatum" -- the endure Bourne blur to brilliant Matt Damon as Robert Ludlum's rogue CIA abettor -- the new blur takes abode at the aforementioned time as its 2007 predecessor, "and not because we are so acute or so cool," Gilroy told the Huffington Post. "No one has anytime had an befalling to do that before. If you anticipate about it, anecdotal filmmaking has not been something that humans accept absolutely done."

    Download Bourne Legacy : Renner's character, Aaron Cross, is a cool abettor accommodating in a clandestine government medical affairs that's dead off -- forth with its participants -- afterwards the revelations of "The Bourne Ultimatum." Because he needs the drugs the government has had him taking, Cross has to aboriginal rescue, again coact with, admirable analysis scientist Marta Shearling (Rachel Weisz) so they can both escape the baleful dismantling of their program.