60’s Fashion Trends for Men in India


  1. Although men and fashion are two far ends of the rope, there are a lot of things happening in men’s fashion. There is a serious and visible change in trends for men’s fashion in India. As we are witnessing the fashion revolution for men’s fashion today, the same fashion evolution took place in the late fifties and early sixties. Fashion trends in 60’s were a welcome change for fashionmongers for the overpowering and over-the-top fashion from 50’s was finally replaces with something good. I personally love vintage trends and am not at all surprised to see its comeback on fashion horizon today.

  2. Who doesn't like those funky colors and bold patterns from the sixties! That’s what really made me come up with my previous write-up about fashion in 60’s.

  3. If you ask me to describe men’s fashion of the sixties, I have only word for it - revolutionary! It was a revolution all around! It got rid of the plain and sober look of the past with standout arrivals. So much so that 60’s stands out as the most defining era of fashion on the whole! I think the highlights of men’s clothing in 60’s were vivacious colors, floral designs, polka dots, bell bottoms, paisley designs, velvet,  big belts and loads of fresh colors! Similar to all the fashion trends there were a few clothing pieces and fashion accessories that made their mark and are still popular!

  4. Best Clothing Pieces for Men in 60’s

    Apart from the funky materials and flashy colors, 60’s fashion gave birth to some really memorable clothing and accessories. You can definitely get that look even today! Cool, retro, vintage and mod! All that you need to do is to login to one of the online fashion stores and order your favorite clothes and fashion accessories! It is as simple as that! It will also save your trouble of finding fashion stores selling 60’s fashion! These websites are safe and they offer numerous discounts and offers too!

  5. Nehru Collars

    Nehru collars were a huge hit for shirts as well as jackets. In fact, as the name suggests, India was the origin of this trend that then passed to the mainstream fashion of the world. Remember The Beatles?

  6. Bell Bottoms

    A fine find of the 60’s, bell bottoms are still holding their ground and how! They completely overtook pants with straight and slim legs.

  7. Tie Dye

    What could you pair the funky bell bottom pants with? Of course tie dye t-shirts and shirts! I remember my Grandfather’s photographs on sum rusty beach wearing those rainbow-like tees! So cool!

  8. Mod

    The Mod style was also on its peak during 60’s. Mod is defined by narrow and clean cuts, form fitting clothing! Such clothing keeps inspiring many fashion designers, even today!

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