An Inside look of the Cooper-Young Neighborhood

Take a look of the things sights that Cooper- Young has to offer. As journalist we are exploring the neighborhood by doing a scavenger hunt to learn more about the community. Cooper- Young has more to offer than people may not know. Take a look inside.


  1. The Cooper-Young has some beautiful manicured homes throughout the neighborhood. Even in the winter time these houses are looking good through the cold weather.

  2. Even future residents can join the community by buying or renting a house in the neighborhood.
  3. The "I Love Memphis" as well as other art graffiti are eye catching when visitors and residents are walking through the community.
  4. Mr. Benny Cabarro was confident in the Broncos winning but unfortunately the Seahawks took the win. But he enjoyed his drink at the bar with bartender Scottie.
  5. If your looking for vintage and great music Goner Records store is definitely a place for music lovers. There is new school and old school. I even bought two records to start a collection.