Coffee expedition - live from Ethiopia

Tweets, blogs and mentions from the field in Ethiopia. The team in search of populations of wild coffee.

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  1. Kew Gardens - Beyond the Gardens - The Forgotten Home of Coffee
  2. Coffee_Illustration_Jessica Rosemary Shepherd
  3. Recent botanical illustration of coffee by Jessica Rosemary Shepherd from the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

  4. Coffee leaf, coffee husk and coffee bean - taste session
      leaf - much like green tea, but with immense and raved about detox properties
      husk - difficult to describe, not really coffee not really tea, just like you have drunk husk water!
      harar coffee - rich, crisp, citrus coffee

  5. Coffee cupping: 
    Roast, grind: Smell fragrance. 
    Weigh, pour water, break the crust with a back of a spoon in a light circular motion: Smell the aroma
    Spoon, slurp, spit: Assess the taste
    In our case we swallowed some of the coffee, far too good to spit out.

  6. An education in coffee beans.
    Left: Limu (from the Jimma area)
      small oval bean with s-shaped scar
      taste well balanced 
    Right: Sidamo
      longer oblong bean with straight or slight curved scar
      taste more citrus notes  

  7. Aaron enjoying the many historical coffee specimens available in Addis