Stoudemire and the extinguisher

After the Heat beat the Knicks on Wednesday night, Amare Stoudemire punched through the glass casing for a fire extinguisher causing a media firestorm. Here's a look at the reaction:

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  1. The story made the front and back covers of the New York Post.
  2.  The Daily News may have summed up the feelings of Knicks fans best:
  3. Great lead in the Daily News story: "It wasn't just the Heat, it was the stupidity."
  4. A few people in Gotham took to Twitter:
  5. He waited for the extinguisher?
  6. The victim speaks:
  7. Stoudemire speaks:
  8. The victim responds:
  9. Yahoo! Sports actually answers asks a more relevant long-term question in this article which is: Can Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony effectively exist in New York?
  10. Apparently not everyone agrees with Melo's assessment that they can co-exist.
  11. At least one person is sympathetic:
  12. So what happens now?