Wrestling the Content Monster #CSA12

Twitter reaction to liverpool.gov.uk case study at content strategy applied 2012

  1. The Content strategy shoes start to take effect...
  2. The ugly truth of content usage on old Liverpool CC website exposed by @conormoody as part of #content101 at #csa12
  3. Lovely juxtaposition of content as per site versus content as per demand from @conormoody. #cs101 #csa12  http://yfrog.com/mmywkigj
    Lovely juxtaposition of content as per site versus content as per demand from @conormoody. #cs101 #csa12  http://yfrog.com/mmywkigj wkigj
  4.  http://Liverpool.gov.uk .ukcontentstrategyegy, reality check, organisation and customer didn't agree, originally 4000 pages, many not vieweCSA12A12
  5. Simple menu design to segment  http://liverpool.gov.uk .uk content by audience, then by need, made massive differencecs10110csa12a12
  6.  http://Liverpool.gov.uk .uk 10 year old site that hadn't changed much, segmentation of content: resident, business, 'about the councilCSA12A12
  7. It had changed "a bit" especially in how it looked but not really in how the content was presented or organised.
  8. Ditched the local govt IA as there are no beaches in Liverpool! @KevinJump #CSA12
  9. Assumed authority and changed content editor role from writer to briefer with specialist writers writing! #CSA12 @KevinJump
  10. Information architecture based on tasks, changed focus of the 116 content editors to how service delivered,  http://Liverpool.gov.uk .uCSA12A12
  11.  http://Liverpool.gov.uk .uk, moved news to right hand side, 'out of the way', because only 2% of site traffiCSA12A12
  12. Enjoying the  http://Liverpool.gov.uk .uk case study CSA12A12 - best example I've seen of a local govt content strategKevinJumpumconormoodyody
  13. Deliver a service save money - now that's done moving onto community engagement @KevinJump #CSA12
  14. Content doesn't change as much as we thought it would on  http://liverpool.gov.uk .uk so lower overhead than expecteCSA12A1conormoodyody
  15. Before we committed to taking all the content on, we looked at the CMS usage by the editors in the organisation, and it wasn't as high as you might think, services don't change that often
  16. RT @LucieHyde: Homepage argument doesn't work - only 11% of traffic on  http://Liverpool.gov.uk .uk goes thru HCSA12A1KevinJumpump
  17. #headswell - seemed to go down reasonably well. thanks to everyone for asking the questions, that's the bit where we get to the information people find really useful.