Writing Encouragement No. 2

In writing, the shortest distance to the end is not always a straight line.


  1. I wrote HOUNDED by the proverbial seat o' the pants from beginning to end, without an outline, and it took me eleven months. But once I tried a rough outline and told myself that I didn't have to write those chapters in order, I was more productive and wrote HEXED (book two) in five months. So now...
  2. I will own Chapter 14 later. It doesn't have a choice. But I have a choice on when to tackle it. 
  3. Her process is very different from mine but it works. (As does ANY process where you get to the end and sell it. There is no "correct" way to finish a book!)
  4. YES. YES. YES. Seek ye the juice!
  5. Hope these thingies help you out. Please feel free to share with others if it does! And happy writing!