Corporate Actions 2013 - Capital Markets Events

Tuesday 26th October at America Square in London, Capital Markets Events hosted 200 industry practioners from the big, bad world of Corporate Actions to discuss a number of topical themes and review the outlook for the future.


  1. I am a self-confessed social media evangelist. Normally at this point I state that these are my own views but, frankly, most of the views presented here are from the speakers and delegates. Point being, this is not a Clearstream corporate view per se. Caveat done.
  2. This is not a chronological representation of the panels that took place. Instead, I printed the many tweets from the conference, cut them out and tried to organise them into common themes. Obviously, this over simplifies at times but I felt it was the best way to avoid repetition. Plus, it made me feel like John Thaw, working some leads in an episode of "The Sweeney".
  3. "Rubbish in, rubbish out" - Digitisation at source, utilitarianism and regulation.

  4. Darned spell-check. Sensible, not sensitive.
  5. T2S and Corporate Actions - "I want my cake and eat it!"