Victoria Secret Fashion Show coming soon

On December 10th the upcoming Victoria Secret Fashion show will air on CBS.


  1. With this highly anticipated show, the Victoria secret angel's let us in to see some backstage footage.
  2. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 2014 BACKSTAGE (1) | FashionTV
  3. Not only is the show available in the US but it is available in many countries in different languages. This aspect is very cool because it makes it international.
  4. In the fashion show they will debut over 20 custom made wings.
  5. This years fashion show will include performances by Taylor swift and Fall out Boy. Tons of celebrities donned the audience such as 2 chaniz and Lala Anthony. This years fashion show will include lingerie with millions of dollars worth of jewlery.
  6. Taylor Swift Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performance! (2013)
  7. The show will air December 10th at 10pm EST on CBS.