2012 Kellogg Technology Conference

Hundreds of students and business leaders headed to the Kellogg School on April 14 to discuss "The Era of SoLoMo: How the Integration of Social, Local and Mobile is Revolutionizing Consumer Interactions."

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  1. Morning keynote speaker Heidi Browning, senior vice president of strategic solutions of Pandora, spoke on how the music streaming company was inspired and why it's been so successful.
  2. During the round table discussion, Consumers in the Era of SoLoMo, leaders from Deloitte, Starbucks, 44Doors, Facebook and American Express, discussed how to improve engagement with consumers, including using near field communication (NFC), addressing privacy concerns and delivering authentic experiences through technology.
  3. Many of the panelists referenced a Feb. 16 New York Times article, "How Companies Learn your Secrets" on consumer data.
  4. In the afternoon's City Talk 2.0 discussion, leaders from EveryBlock, FourSquare, City of Chicago, NICO, Glympse and TechCrunch focused on how cities are using social technologies to build communities, create influential messages and enhance meaningful relationships.
  5. Meanwhile, other attendees headed to the Privacy and Profits panel to listen to leaders from Forrester Research, Oracle, Google and Personal discuss the opportunities in the consumer digital privacy sector.