#NASPA17 - Monday, 3/13/2017

K&A participated or lead three educational sessions during the first full day of the NASPA17 conference. The three sessions were; How Student Affairs Strengthens Institutional Strategic Plans Successful strategic plans recognize the essential partnership of Student and Academic Affairs in a whole campus approach to supporting student engagement, learning, and success. Strategic planning is a powerful opportunity to create a practical vision for the future; strong, student centered plans include structured approaches to integrating learning across the student experience. Those plans define how Student Affairs will contribute to the plan’s—and the campus’ and students’—success.


  1. Call To Action: Better Care, Better Health, Better Quality in College Health
  2. This session will detail the findings from the Symposium on Quality Improvement in College Health and aims to inspire, motivate, and challenge student affairs leaders to take both immediate and sustainable steps to bring quality improvement to the forefront of practice in college health programs.
  3. Identifying Institutional Leaders for Future Success
  4. A key aspect of every executive search is identifying the most important and highest priority characteristics of individuals who will lead our campuses. Campus systems often prescribe processes which make it difficult to identify strong experience. Finding leaders who fit the needs, values, and culture of specific campuses and designated roles requires higher level thinking and assessments of the vision for leadership and the qualities —not just the qualifications—of a given candidate.
  5. First up, Dr. Keeling and members from Keene State College; Dr. Anne Huot - President, and Kemal Atkins - VPSA & Enrollment Management
  6. After that was a quick trip to the next session, led by Dr. Jan Walbert, with 5 distinguished guest panelists, all from different histories and experiences, to discuss leadership on campus. Dr. Walbert led an excellent session, even without any A/V capabilities!
  7. Finally, Dr. Keeling appeared in a session with friends from NYU, who discussed results from a symposium continuing the national discussion on quality improvement in college health.