#NASPA17 Day One (March 11/12, 2017)

Snowstorm, Workshop, Many Miles, Luncheon, Anderson Cooper. 48+ hours of amazing learning, team building, and sharing with the #NASPA17 community. So happy to be a part of this! Here is just a *taste* of the first weekend...


  1. Dr. Keeling and Dr. Paine teamed up with Sandy Johnson (VPSA, Rochester Institute Technology) and Elly B. Daugherty (AVPSA, UCONN) to lead a pre-conference workshop about the integration of health-related services.
  2. On Sunday afternoon, K&A hosted a luncheon to hear from people in the field to share stories, events, and moments of learning to improve initiatives, plans, and student experiences.
  3. Then we found our seats for the opening ceremonies - the #NASPA17 version of the Olympic Welcoming Ceremony. Anderson Cooper gave the keynote address, and spoke to each #SApro in the room, reinvigorating many in their mission to better serve students.