#KAedchat - How Student Affairs Can Respond to New and Increasing Mental Health Needs

Dr Richard Keeling, Principal of Keeling & Associates, led another live Twitter Chat this week. In Part IV of a series focusing on the changing world of Student Affairs, #KAedchat explored partnerships between SA and Mental Health, as many institutions struggle with inundated counseling centers.


  1. Throughout the Fall Semester, many journals and other publications have published articles tackling mental health initiatives on campus. These all pointed to solutions outside counseling centers, as they have immense waiting periods and the inability to support and treat the complicated conditions that many students have.
  2. Dr. Keeling opened by asking what the current climate is on campus regarding topics on mental health.
  3. Participants offered examples of how different institutions have raised awareness, education, and mental health initiatives in the new school year.
  4. This is the video referenced above.
  5. Powerful message that points towards progress in transparency and self advocacy
  6. All affairs student-related are interconnected on campus. Especially when they are all time consuming, heavily emotional topics
  7. Admitting when you can't help is incredibly important, but pointing students in the right direction is even more crucial
  8. A question that many don't want to ask, but important for self-assessment, and institutional improvement