#createlounge | 9/30/15

Topic: Building Your Personal Brand with Periscope. Host: Kayla Hollatz (@kayla_hollatz)


  1. This is a recap of #createlounge, a chat for this community of fierce creatives to connect. Whether you participated in the chat and want a summary or you want to see what you missed, here are the highlights of the chat about Building Your Personal Brand with Periscope on 9/30/15. Enjoy!
  2. We were so glad some participants said yes!
  3. Some said they were hesitant to try Periscope.
  4. Maybe we can feel less hesitant with Periscope if we had content types to help them get started. Let's chat about it.
  5. These were great!
  6. Why is Periscope worth testing?
  7. These were awesome reasons!