#createlounge | 2/25/15

Topic: Non-Techie SEO for Bloggers Host: Kayla Hollatz (@kayla_hollatz) Special Guest: Caitlin Brehm (@CaitlinBrehm)


  1. This is a recap of #createlounge, a chat for this community of fierce creatives to connect. Whether you participated in the chat and want a summary or you want to see what you missed, here are the highlights of the chat on 2/25/15 on Non-Techie SEO for Bloggers. Enjoy!
  2. Here were some great tool recommendations:
  3. Put those tools to the test with the next question!
  4. Pinterest seemed to be a biggest referrer of traffic!
  5. But here were some other answers!
  6. Then we focused on keywords.
  7. Whitney did a great job at optimizing for local search!
  8. Here were some more interesting keywords.