Clairol Touch of Yogurt Shampoo

"Naturally Failed"


  1. P&G was trying to get into the “Back to nature” crusade and launched “Look of Buttermilk” which is a dairy based hair product that faile three years before the launch of Touch of Yogurt. Touch of Yogurt was their second attempt to promote health natural ingredients to their customers using milk base ingredients. They launched it in the 1970s and wanted to see if it would be just as successful as other natural ingredients suck as honey,various herbs, and fruits.
  2. In 1979 Procter and Gamble lauched a new type of shampoo that was all natural to target the new trending fad at the time in the US called "Back to Nature". The shampoo was called Clairol Touch of Yogurt Shampoo.

  3. The market research process

  4. The First step is to figure out what the problem or issue is.
  5. The Second step is to figure how to solve or handle the problem.
  6. The Third step is to analyze the information given.
  7. The Fourth step is to discover how to present the information found
  8. The Fifth and final step is to present all the information and data gathered to the company.
  9. Presentation gone bad

  10. The company failed to present the information gathered correctly. People who were interested in the product identified it with sour cream. They would assume the product would be grubby and gross smelling. Yogurt is also a tasty treat and some would mistake the shampoo as edible and get sick from it.
  11. Changing History

  12. The presentation to the customer could have been more informative about not eating the product and also tell them how the diary in the yogurt made you hair feel and smell. This would give them a image of their hair being nice and healthy instead of smelly and dirty.
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