Virtual Croupier in Real Casino

The Visual stunts that sci fi movies offer on screen to take us into the future are about to become real. The Japanese game editorTecmo is on the way to propose one of the most advanced gaming table ever made.


  1. 1- The electronic table technology .

    This technology has been introduced little by little since 2008. It reduce drastically the number of croupier needed in the pit and allow more hands to be played per hour.
  2. Check the electronic gaming table from Bally below.
  3. What seems to be a simple convenience has real consequence on the profession, with croupier losing their job. Strike and lawsuits have ensued, notably in Quebec but also France.
  4. One may wonder the use of such table when you can play from your home with the same degree of human contact.
    And maybe even more with the live dealer casino.
  5. 2. Holographic technology

  6. Yes, this is a virtual star giving a concert in Japan for real spectators. "Hatsune Miko" records album. In addition to be a "virtual singer", she is the heroin of the game Vocaloid.
  7. 3.TECMO Parlour Goddess

  8. Tecmo is specialised in gaming machine and software for both EGM (electronic gaming machine) and on gaming console. They have launched a real phenomenon by creating this cute anime croupier for their Pachislot software: Rio Rollins Tachibana.
  9. You can see above the cover of the PlayStation version of their real money EGM. The character appear in no less than 9 games on Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and iPhone/iPad. Which is a good performance regarding the simplistic character!
  10. Rio Rollins met such a success that she even got a dedicated anime receiving surpringly good critics. (Well mild but every body admit - girl included- that the anime is surprisingly funny and cute.
  11. Rio - Rainbow Gate! Trailer
  12. 4. All the technologies to create a gaming table animated by a holographic croupier is already available.

    Mix up  electronic gaming tables and holograms and you now know why Tecmo is in a good place to make our world closer to the one of blade runner or other sci-fi dystopia. Oh, did I forget to mention our favorite sci-fi movies are dystopian?