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Internet Security Breach 2013

With Heartbleed, the latest security breach, still making the headlines with its rally words: "Change your Password" and IT specialists continue to explain again and again, what it is all about and what to do or not do, I present you my top 3 of Internet Security Breach 2013.


  1. In addition to the high and low of the controversial BitCoins, the crypto-currency shall also cope with a security breach allowing theft of online money. The malware go around under the nickname of "Pony".

  2. Theft of cypto currencies is the least of the concern in online security. Identity theft is the greatest concern. With huge data base collecting personal information of million of individuals, it was tempting to break in the system and loot as much data as possible, encrypted or not, and go on breaching in other services with the collected data. Indeed, if a password is easy to change, it’s not the same for your name, successive address or social security number.

  3. Beside the traditional hacking and robbery, done by group of hackers and others cyber-criminals,

    Cyber-war has also become a reality with operation ranging  from spying to cyber attack aiming at paralyzing communication and system.

  4. Of course, not only IT department are active in terms of protections of data and security. Cyber defense is becoming also a major field of research and investment.
  5. NATO Cyber Defense Scenario