A New Battleship Potemkin

I tried to turn some of the violence into metaphors because a big part of getting people to join the bone marrow registry is letting them understand how little pain is involved.


  1. The first image is when the man smells the meet and realized how unhealthy and unsanitary it is.  He refuses to the men, his peers, eat such horrible food.  The captains have already said it is required though.  I equate this to when patients get the diagnosis of a blood condition (Leukemia, Sickle Cell, etc) that has progressed far enough that they need a bone marrow transplant.  This is similar because this is the moment that the victims are defined and we start to understand the struggle they will face.
  2. The next image is the sailors breaking the plate that says "Give us this day Our Daily Bread."  While often time religion and spirituality is a key factor in keeping patients optimistic and positive.  In the Russian Revolution it Orthodoxy was seen as fraudulent.  So the symbols of christianity will mean "false hope" in the bone marrow movie.  Patients and their families get frustrated as their time is running out and no one is willing or able to donate to them.
  3. When the Captain finds out that no body ate their soup, he summons them all and threatens to hang them.  The villain in the bone marrow edition is lack of accurate knowledge and accessibility to the general public.  Because people do not now how easy and important it is to register as a donor, as well as the common misconseption that it is an extremely invasive and painful procedure, prevent cancer patients from ever finding their life saving match and 60% of patients die because they can't find one.
  4. As the sailors take over the ship, the priest falls and so does his cross.  This is a turning point in the movie because they are no longer relying on tradition and hope with no basis but fighting for their revolution and creating their own destiny.  As more people are educated and swabbed more patients will be able to find matches and hopefully the statistics will drastically change in the favor of the patient and they will be able to expect actual results.
  5. Registering is a very selfless act and donating any part of one's body (including parts that regenerate such as blood, platelets, bone marrow) is one of the most compassionate things someone can do for a loved one or stranger.  Just as these men jumped into the water to try and save their comrade even thought we was on death's door.
  6. This man died "for a plate of soup."  Which the absurdity of what a simple thing it is what really villainizes the captain and sparks a revolution in Odessa.  the fact that over 3,000 people die every year due to diseases that actually have a cure and only require a healthy person to get pricked with a few needles is equally absurd.  It's when people get this information that they will realize the importance and start to revolutionize the way our country views bone marrow donations.
  7. These men are united saying "One for all!"  Because as the human race we can really make a difference and save each other.  
  8. Letting nothing divide us is very crucial.  Minorities have a significantly lower chance of finding a match from the database than whites.  And any mixed race is even more challenging.  We need to stand for each other and spread the love across all nationalities and ethnicities.
  9. In the chaotic craziness of Odessa a boy falls and is trampled by the swarms of people running through the streets.  Also a baby in a stroller is accidentally pushed down the steep stairs.  This shows how the innocent, including in many cases children, suffer from the lack of registered donors.  Whether it is a child with a rare blood disease or one who has watched his parent go through many treatments and suffer from all sorts of side effects, they are the only going to be hurt more by the lack of awareness.
  10. After the boy dies, his mother tries to appeal to the guards and begs them to stop.  This could really be a turning point in the battle.  This is similar to how people use their own personal stories to help explain the importance of bone marrow donors.
  11. This brief video below has many people sharing their stories of how important it is to join the registry.  They talk about the people they have lost because they could not find a bone marrow donor.
  12. Together, We Can Delete Blood Cancer
  13. The "night fraught with anxiety" is what patients face daily waiting to hear from their transplant coordinator to find out if they have any potential matches.  In this time, just as the sailors, patients hope for good fortune, but prepare for the worst.