On 23 May 2013 King's Cultural Institute and Caper brought together academics, artists, curators and creative technologists to create innovative collaborative projects.

  1. We have an amazing group of arts organisations, academics & creative technologists in the room for the day. #kcilabs
  2. Heading to #kcilabs - ideas already forming like clouds.. a day with @KingsCulture & @wearecaper full of possibilities!
  3. The day started with some 'speed-dating': getting to know each other's skills and what people want to get out of the day.
  4. The challenges identified at the first KCI Creative Lab on 3 May were written on the walls for groups to chose between.
  5. The writing's on the wall... Some of the challenges for today's #kcilabs pic.twitter.com/Yw1pTl98gn
    The writing's on the wall... Some of the challenges for today's #kcilabs pic.twitter.com/Yw1pTl98gn98gn
  6. King’s academics, arts organisations and creative technologists choosing the challenges that excite them the most #kcilabs
  7. Initial groups have formed around 4 of the challenges. #kcilabs These challenges are...
  8. How might we extend the magic of the shared theatre experience from the live setting to a digital one? #kcilabs
  9. How might we explore & use nostalgia when there are several different technological generations in existence simultaneously? #kcilabs
  10. A group merging 2 into 1: How can we nurture & sustain spaces for collective creative & critical thought in the digital world? #kcilabs ...
  11. ...combined with: How do we design systems that represent disruption & dissent? #kcilabs
  12. Then out came the post-its as groups were told to come up with as many potential solutions to their challenge as possible.
  13. Time for the groups to swap ideas with another group to push each other's ideas forwards and turn them into something tangible #kcilabs
  14. There were plenty of fascinating suggestions for projects.
  15. Great idea. Haptic technology allowing you to feel Edmund de Waal throwing pots aka ‘a robotic Patrick Swayze’ #kcilabs
  16. Projected graffiti in museum/galleries as playful provocation to explore how constructive, critical voices can be heard by the org. #kcilabs
  17. Can we create a 'museum of the self' based on emails, digital photos, social media and blogs? #kcilabs
  18. Could you use twitter for live surtitling of performances. Eg. Simultaneous translation of opera? #kcilabs
  19. How about 'nostalgiathons'? People coming together to share artefacts and the memories behind them #kcilabs
  20. After lunch, groups began to focus on the one idea they wanted to pitch for a bursary, and worked on paper prototypes.
  21. Groups are starting to refine the challenge they want to explore over the next hour, & decide what they might pitch to our panel. #kcilabs
  22. About to take my place at the KCI Creative Labs judging panel alongside Katherine Bond & Andrew Prescott. Tension in room mounts … #kcilabs
  23. Now we await a decision from our esteemed judging panel on which ideas will get £2,500 development bursaries. Tension! #kcilabs
  24. After a tense wait, the three winning teams were revealed.
  25. And the three winning teams who will receive a bursary to develop their idea into a digital prototype are, in no particular order… #kcilabs
  26. 1. The group looking at an online element to a live theatrical experience, where the online audience get to affect on-stage action. #kcilabs
  27. Just won a small proto-typing bursary at @wearecaper & @KingsCulture #kcilabs Allowing me to think, play & create with interesting people
  28. 2. The team looking at utilising facebook relevance data for a cultural app. #kcilabs
  29. Great to co-win a proto-typing bursary at @wearecaper & @KingsCulture #kcilabs today. Good fun, look forward to progressing
  30. 3. Making the untouchable touchable. Allowing people to virtually experience the sensation of handling precious museum artefacts. #kcilabs
  31. Thanks to #kcilabs for a great day, who'd have thought contemporary craft & advanced robotics sat so well together! pic.twitter.com/4824bML5oy
    Thanks to #kcilabs for a great day, who'd have thought contemporary craft & advanced robotics sat so well together! pic.twitter.com/4824bML5oyL5oy
  32. Thank you one and all for a marvellous and inspiring day! #kcilabs
  33. The teams will now work on their prototypes and present the results at King's College London on 3 July.