Georgetown, TX Spirit

As a nontraditional student, I had to tweak the assignment to work for me. What follows is a unique look at Georgetown, Texas.


  1. Georgetown is home to two public high schools, a college prep charter school (where my son attends), and a liberal arts college.  Georgetown High School, East View High School, Gateway, and Southwestern University.  All around town, you'll find evidence of all four.
  2. Dos Salsas is one of the best local Mexican food restaurants, and a definite favorite of mine.  They recently opened a second location in Cedar Park.  Mmmm, yum!
  3. I ambushed this poor firefighter and his coworkers in order to ask one of them about the role of social media.  They may have thought I was crazy, but they were good sports about it.
  4. The Williamson County Sun is a local newspaper favorite.  While it is for all of Williamson County, they are located right here in Georgetown.  And about a year ago, they snapped a photo of my daughter watching her brother play soccer out at the Georgetown Soccer Association fields.  About a week later, my Facebook feed blew up with messages and photo tags with her picture from the paper.
  5. Inner Space Caverns was discovered on accident while doing prep work for I-35.  I-35 now takes a curve in this area and almost any local student from the area will get to visit this fantastic piece of history on a field trip.  Travis Atwood, a geologist who grew up in the area, went on to say, "[It preserved] the magnificent creatures that once roamed central Texas during the last ice age."
  6. I remember swimming here with friends when I was in high school.  The more foolish ones would try their hand at cliff-jumping.  Though this attraction no longer boasts swimming, it's still a wonderful place to behold nature's beauty.
  7. I'm not sure many towns can say they have their own app, but Georgetown does!  It'll give you a glance at attractions and things to do around this beautiful city.
  8. Georgetown Soccer Association has a strong fan base comprised of parents, coaches, siblings, former players, and local university players who sometimes offer themselves as volunteer coaches just so they can get their soccer on.  Go GSA! Go Force! (My son would be the one in blue in the center of the pic.)
  9. Mel's was quickly embraced by the city once its smoke-free, family-friendly doors opened.  It's a great way to beat the heat in the summer and gives families something fun to do together.  If you need something a little different, step into CJ's for a more adult atmosphere with a full bar, couches instead of tables, and big screen TVs for all your sports action.
  10. This couldn't be geekier, but I love it!  The Georgetown Library is always putting together things like this for fans of movies or TV shows that got their start as books.
  11. Those were some facts about the city I live in, but here's a fact about where I attend school:
  12. I don't know if this is a fact or not, but for the record, I will NOT be doing the following.