Educational Uses of Book Trailers

Educators use book trailers for two main reasons: 1) To create student interest in books by using an engaging method of presentation. 2) To enhance student comprehension and retention by creating their own book trailers about the books they read.

  1. Book trailers may become as normal as movie trailers. The ideal book trailer is 30-60 seconds in length with enough detail to create interest, but not enough to spoil the story for those who haven't read it yet.
  2. Some Book Trailers to Get You Started

  3. Scholastic has pinned many book trailers in Pinterest. The trailers are posted in YouTube, but this makes it easy to see their collection at a glance.
  4. Michelle Harclerode, MLIS, maintains a wiki entitled, "Book Trailers for Readers," for kids and teens. SSYRA (Sunshine State Young Reader Award) books are highlighted with trailers created by Ms. Harclerode, but she also includes book trailers created by students and other artists.
  5. Go to YouTube and type in the name of a publisher. From there, it's easy to find hundreds of book trailers. I've included a handful of links to help you get started.
  6. Book Trailers Are for Non-Fiction, Too

  7. Large collection of Fiction and Non-fiction Book Trailers by Category

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