Friday's session of the British Science Association's 2013 Science Communication Conference.


  1. I was lucky enough to be awarded a one-day bursary for the SciComm Conference, and chose to attend Friday's event. It took place at a venue minutes away from King's Cross in London. I thought the layout was great - easy to find your way around and not too big. 
  2. Good opportunity to 'break the ice' over some coffee, tea and breakfast pastries before the day's first opening session. We started the morning brainstorming about the future of science communication.
  3. A number of interesting topics and projects came up. The chair of the session Timandra Harkness was great - bubbly sense of humour and a sharp eye for discussion points. 
  4. Fiona Fox brought loads of energy to a session asking: Who should communicate messages and how? What are the dangers of getting it wrong?
  5. The timing of the sessions was pretty good, we had a break for refreshments at 11:30 and lunch at 13:00. By lunchtime we had about a 15 minute delay in the start/end of the talks, but no biggie, everyone took it easy.
  6. The next session was my probably my favourite - a "whistle stop tour" of online engagement tools. Good fun!
  7. It's great when you see some audience participation in these kind of events. 
  8. I would say that this next session was a bit hard to follow - the speakers were covering completely different topics, from student interest in science to innovative approaches in science exhibitions.
  9. I loved how they ended the conference with a light-hearted and comical dialogue between Timadra Harkness and Helen Pilcher. Back in the day, they did some science comedy shows together - it showed!