Show Me the Money


  1. Welcome to the world's longest Storify, in which I spout off about the issue of freelance writers being asked to work for free. This post is where it actually begins. And then. 
  2. Although I follow Ed, I actually missed this tweet. I saw Alexis Madrigal's response, below, and knew what he was talking about, so I responded to that. I didn't see the slavery comparison until Madrigal brought it up a few tweets later, which is why I didn't comment on that part until then. But let me say up front: that really was fucking ridiculous and gross on Thayer's part. It is 2013, you guys. "Nothing is like slavery, except slavery" should not be a lesson we have to keep going over. 
  3. He's right. And it is fair to point that out. I actually had this in mind, more than the original correspondence, but that wasn't what they were discussing when I jumped in. 
  4. Here's the thing: I don't see Thayer's decision to publish the e-mails as a move to shame this particular young editor. I see it as a move to shame The Atlantic, as a venerable institution participating in this crap, and the industry in general. That is almost certainly a crucial difference in how we're processing this; I don't know the editor or work for her employer and thus don't feel more protective of her than any other stranger. I legitimately feel bad for her, believe it or not, because she's stuck being the poster child (this week) for an issue so much bigger than her. But, well, see below. 
  5. (Please forgive my typos. I was writing furiously on my iPad.)
  6. Back to Thayer...