Nov 26th Panel on Using Social Media to Promote Science, University of Illinois

This panel was convened by the Women in Science group, and organized by Jo Holley. Panelists were @KateClancy, @melanietbaum, @engineerguytwit and @sciencegoddess.


  1. We kept the #ILsocmedsci hashtag open on the screen behind us for most of the panel, aside from a few times that I demonstrated other parts of the Twitter stream.
  2. We also had a G+ hangout. We did have a number of attendees via the hangout, but didn't get any particular questions.
  3. First we told the audience a little about ourselves -- Joanne is a lecturer in Integrative Biology, Melanie a PhD candidate in Psychology, Bill a full professor in Chemical Engineering. We described the kinds of social media we use and what we do with it.
  4. We discussed the different kinds of users that tend to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. I discussed the big change in audience when I moved from my independent blog (90% female audience) to the one now at SciAm (70% male audience). It has been a hard slog to bring those female readers over to this male space and get them interacting and commenting again.
  5. Here is the video where he shares some of the troll comments he's received: