"Taliban are Muslim, not Qualified to Comment on Ahmadis." Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller

A twitter conversation that exposes the dilemma faced by Islamophobes like Geller and Spencer.

  1. Nigerian Girls - Christian and Muslim - were kidnapped by Boko Haram recently. Pamela Geller wrongly claimed they were all Christians.  
  2. Whatever their faith, I asked her to join #BringBackOurGirls campaign against the terrorists. 
  3. Pamela insisted this was a "Muslim problem." I gave her a link to my friend Qasim Rashid's FoxNews oped:  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/05/08/what-prophet-muhammad-would-say-to-boko-haram/  She discredited the piece citing Rashid's faith.
  4. @KashifMD @lisamichelle20 @IngrahamAngle @BaylorRangers Rashid is Ahmadi. Ahmadis are persecuted and classified as non-Muslims in Pakistan
  5. I quoted another paper by Ahmad Sahi, Chairman of Canada's Muslim Writers Guild.
  6. Her response: 
  7. I dont even know how she came up with this one:
  8. It doesnt matter what Pamela considers Ahmadis, but dismissing someone based on their faith makes one a bigot. 
  9. Insults? When did Qasim insult anyone? Asking questions could only insult an ignorant person opposed to answers. 
  10. I asked Spencer for his own views.
  11. @KashifMD @PamelaGeller @MyJihadUS @MuslimIQ @IngrahamAngle Nothing to clarify. PG sd Ahmadis are considered non-Muslims in Pak. Just a fact
  12. His stance is that Ahmadis could be equated to the Taliban!! :O 
  13. @KashifMD @PamelaGeller @MyJihadUS @IngrahamAngle I think it terrible that Ahmadis like @MuslimIQ carry water for Salafis who persecute them
  14. I repeat the question.
  15. That's the primary issue??RT @KashifMD: @jihadwatchRS primary issue remains: Do you consider us Muslims or not??? @MuslimIQ @IngrahamAngle
  16. They refuse to identify Ahmadis the way they would like to be identified. Reason: "We are not Imams who can certify to your Muslimness." 
  17. @KashifMD @PamelaGeller @MyJihadUS @MuslimIQ @IngrahamAngle What a silly question. I'm not an imam. I don't take positions on such questions
  18. Do they also need Imam's approval to consider Taliban Muslim?
  19. "No, we dont need approval. Their claim is enough. We report it as such."
  20. Lying? What lies? I only asked a question. 
  21. They say same about you RT @KashifMD: @lisamichelle20 @IngrahamAngle @BaylorRangers BokoHaram a terrorist group, does not represent Islam
  22. @jihadwatchRS @PamelaGeller 2 hours & no answer. U identify Taliban Muslim. Do you consider Ahmadis Muslim or not? @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ
  23. @KashifMD @PamelaGeller @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ I already answered. You just didn't like my answer. Then you started lying about my views.
  24. @jihadwatchRS u said u r not an imam. That should apply when u identify Taliban as Muslim as well? @PamelaGeller @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ
  25. Starts playing victim and saying everyone else is lying? What lying? We only asked a simple question. 
  26. @KashifMD @PamelaGeller @IngrahamAngle I've never taken any stand on such questions, contrary to lies & smears of yr friends like @MuslimIQ
  27. @jihadwatchRS u refuse to identify Ahmadis as Muslims, just like other extremists ie Taliban do. Sad @PamelaGeller @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ
  28. @jihadwatchRS u identify Taliban as Muslim but for Ahmadis, u need imam's certificate. Hypocrisy? @PamelaGeller @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ
  29. "Taliban are Muslims because they claim to be so. Ahmadis, not sure because I am not an Imam."
  30. @KashifMD @PamelaGeller @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ You're an annoying, dishonest individual. You claim I say things I've never said. Enough.
  31. @KashifMD @jihadwatchRS @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ I don't have to pat on the back every Muslim that doesn't want to kill me. SMH
  32. @KashifMD @jihadwatchRS @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ Take it up with the Pakistani government. They say it. Me? I fight jihad and sharia.
  33. .@KashifMD @jihadwatchRS @IngrahamAngle @MuslimIQ Why attack us?We fight those that persecute Ahmadis,destroy their homes,arrest 4 blasphemy
  34. Attack? Who attacked anyone. If Geller and Spencer think asking a question is an "attack," they need to a lot of education and growth. 
  35. It doesn't matter to Ahmadi Muslims of course. It should matter to those who portray Islam as a terrorist faith by presenting the Taliban as representatives of Islam and refusing to accept moderates even as its followers. 

    The dilemma here is that if they accept Ahmadis as Muslims, they will have to admit the existence of moderate Islam. If they don't, they stand exposed as hypocrites with a clear agenda. 

    Their pick!