1. It all started as soon as Nushka, my partner, and I received the 10 tasks. We went running on campus trying to finish the scavenger hunt as fast as we could because we knew we would get 10 extra points if we finish first. We started by asking a professor about his views on social media...

  2. Then, we asked a student where she gets her news from...
  3. We kept thinking about what AUC's advance technology offers till we came up with these computers. 
  4. The following tweet reveals something I'm sure you didn't know about AUC!
  5. Here's a look at AUC's variety of clubs.
  6. Let us not forget the sports facilities the AUC offers! Here is a student who's part of the football team in AUC.
  7. We also asked a student what she liked the most about going to college and here was her response!
  8. We even had students reveal their favorite eating spot on campus.
  9. There is no better place to relax than the following spot on campus.
  10. When it comes to me, I sure love to eat. That explains my favorite spot on campus. 
  11. My partner however, would rather observe everything that happens on campus. 
  12. Here are the top three tweets from my classmates.