Response from an #ActuallyAutistic reader to the book To Siri with Love by Judith Newman


  1. This actually reads better on twitter. I had to sacrifice punctuation in some places for the sake of character counts. Lolz, I write better than this makes it appear, trust me.
  2. I didn't actually end up doing screenshots. I directly quoted the book and responded to specific passages.
  3. I failed to add quotes to that, but those are the author's words. Not mine.
  4. Clarification: Gus IS the 'poor autistic' she writes about. She didn't ask him his permission. She asked Henry's though. Henry is the supposedly NT twin.
  5. Autism is likely a genetic predisposition with environmental and/or nurture/nature affective aspects. It's complicated, and none of us knows how or why it happens. We don't have an answer yet. That includes scientists.
  6. That opinion, that Henry is also autistic but presenting differently was only confirmed throughout the book.