Searching For Proof That The Seattle Freeze Exists

Learn how the Local Wonder reporting process works and enjoy a few "outtakes" that we couldn't fit in the final version of our Seattle Freeze story.


  1. Local Wonder: You Ask, KUOW Answers
  2. You Ask, We Answer
    As we'll do with all future Local Wonder stories, we started by asking our audience to ask us questions. In this first round of Local Wonder, several listeners posed questions about the Seattle Freeze. 

    Christian was the first. He asked, “Is the Seattle Freeze a real thing?” We sent several emails to Christian to set up a time to follow up with him, but he never replied. So, it seems Christian answered his own question. 
  3. Find A Freezer
    It's not easy to report on an abstract notion like the "Freeze." We joked we might just do a "stand up" (when a reporter records a story intro in the field) in a walk-in freezer. 

    But then our reporter Jim Gates discovered a local social group called the "Anti-Freeze." He attended a recent trivia night they hosted, where he was able to interview people who had very strong feelings about the "Freeze." 
  4. From the Cutting Room Floor
    Greg moved to Seattle from California and he experience the Seattle Freeze at work. We really wanted to use what he said, but it didn't quite fit in the final piece. Enjoy this excerpt:
  5. We Need More House Parties...?
    Everyone has a theory about the 'Freeze.' James Bushell's is very specific:
  6. Coincidence?
    According to the Greater Seattle Civic Health Index, Seattle ranks 48 in the US when it comes to talking to neighbors. According to Diane Douglas, lead author on the report, this is proof that the Seattle Freeze exists. However, she points out that 48th place Seattle really pulled together this year to root the Seahawks on to the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 48...hmmmm?
  7. Can You Show The Seattle Freeze?
    How to visualize such an abstract concept? Enter local photographer Daniel Berman, who staged the photo illustration you see below and in our web story. We were especially taken by this image showing model Amanda Moyle lying on a pile of ice.
  8. Is the Seattle Freeze a real thing? KUOW's #LocalWonder has the story at

Photo by Daniel Berman for KUOW

Have you seen the freeze? Snap a photo and tag it with #KUOWfreeze
    Is the Seattle Freeze a real thing? KUOW's #LocalWonder has the story at Photo by Daniel Berman for KUOW Have you seen the freeze? Snap a photo and tag it with #KUOWfreeze
  9.  Daniel Berman explains how he got the shot:

    "[Amanda and I] had just gotten to Pike Place when I noticed the big pile of (fresh/clean/not fishy) ice that jutted out into the brick streets. Here it was, I thought, the perfect visual metaphor for this complex issue. Amanda needed a bit of convincing, but she was happy to help make the shot work. The crowd alternated between snapping photos with their own digital cameras and outright gawking. One man rushed up to Amanda and looked down at her. 'Are you alright?' he asked, alarmed. Amanda nodded. Everyone else appeared to ignore her." 

  10. Ready For Round Two?
  11. Have a question about Seattle, the Puget Sound region or its people? Pose it to Local Wonder and your question may be the subject of our next story. You can ask by posting on our Facebook page, or by using this form: