Live Tweets From "Black In Seattle" At Washington Hall

In late October, KUOW aired Tonya Mosley’s radio series “Black in Seattle,” which sparked a rich online discussion. So Historic Seattle/Washington Hall and KUOW 94.9 hosted a community forum "offline" to continue the conversation. Here are highlights from the evening, Tweeted by KUOW and attendees:

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  1. First, let's introduce the panel: 

    (from left) 
    Trish Millines Dziko, founder of Technology Access Foundation. 
    Tonya Mosley, creator/producer of "Black in Seattle" radio series and event moderator
    Felicia Loud, soul singer and performer. Member of hip-hop crew Black Stax
    Shaun Scott, independent filmmaker from Seattle
    Sandra Jackson-Dumont, deputy director education and public programs at Seattle Art Museum
    Sharon Williams, managing director at Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas 
  2. While Tonya also had questions prepared, we asked participants as they came into the room to write down topics/questions they were interested in hearing about throughout the discussion. We'll also use this feedback for future events.
  3. The house was packed - and the vibe was warm and energetic. Community members were clearly eager to engage and listen.
  4. A rep from Washington Hall (generous co-sponsor of the evening) gave a little bit of history, as to why the venue was relevant to the conversation. Did you know WA Hall was once located in a "Red Line District?" It was also where some notable black artists have performed:
  5. Once (almost) everyone had a chair, the discussion got started. 

    What follows is by no means a complete or verbatim transcript, but represents a selection of highlights from the evening. 
  6. Shaun replied:
  7. Tonya points out:
  8. And opens it up to the audience. Should there be a black center in Seattle?