Listeners share their best (worst) Seattle rat stories



  1. "We had one come up through our toilet. It was make it worse it was in the middle of the night while we were sleeping and we heard sloshing and thought the sewer was backing up but no it was a rat trying to splash its way out of our toilet." -Jess W.
  2. "Had my home treated for rats. A large infestation. Next day I'm in the dining room and I keep hearing this metal clinking sound over and over. After some time, I figured out the rats were dropping down the downspouts and into the sewer because the branches they used to enter my attic were cut away and they couldn't get out..." -Scott P
  3. "One night along Alki I'd overestimated the size of my bladder so I ducked onto one of the rocky parts of the seawall to answer nature's call. Well, nature welcomed my call by sending a rat scurrying across my feet. I nearly fell into the Sound!" -Dan W.
  4. "Walking to work one morning and a rat walked by me on the sidewalk, going the other direction like he was headed to the office. He didn't even glance my way for a second." -Maya A.
  5. "A house in the Gas Work's Park area was bulldozed...should have seen the rats run...ugh!!!" -Vanessa G.
  6. "We lived next to the Burke Gilman trail in Hawthorne Heights. The blackberry bushes along the trail host armies of rats. Our dachshund puppy accessed our backyard through the dog door. We were so proud of her for learning so quickly to go out on her own, so we let her explore until she came back inside. She managed to sneak a HUGE rat she killed (bigger than her) inside and hid it under our bed. The next morning my husband, who didn't have his glasses on, thought the tail was a shoelace leading to a shoe." -Leslie H-S.
  7. "I watched a giant rat play with my neighbor's toy chihuahua on their back porch for like 15 minutes. Chasing each other around playing hide and seek. I couldn't believe it." -Jennifer H.
  8. "I lived next to a hoarder in Seward Park. Her blind husband finally called the authorities on her because she was feeding them and he could hear/feel them on him. Hazmat came to clean out house and hundreds of rats were unearthed, some taking up residence in my walls." -Jill H.
  9. "My dog has brought three dead ones into the house in the past three weeks. He has never, ever done it before in 12 years. Yuck." -Mickie F.
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