The Death of SB 002. Or, How the Clock Ran Out On Civil Unions

A recap of the final days of Colorado's civil unions bill, from committee to the House floor.

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  1. After being held for 110 days, SB 002 was on the move Thursday May 3rd for the start of its final showdown at the State House. Republicans and Democrats believed the bill would die in the House Judicial committee where it had failed to muster enough votes last year. There was impassioned testimony on both sides of the issue. 
  2. KUNC reported on the changing public views on civil unions and featured Fran and Anna in the story.
  3. And then came the vote...
  4. In a surprise move, Rep. Nikkel voted to pass the bill through to Finance...the lone Republican to do so.
  5. In a flurry of activity on both sides of the aisle, there was talk SB 200 would not be passed through to the House Finance Committee.